Indian Police to Get Special Training to Spot Crypto Scams

A new training session seeks to create "domain expertise" for cryptocurrency related crimes.

Scammer Taunts Couple Who Lost Thousands in Bitcoin Fraud

An Australian couple lost over AU$20,000 in a bitcoin scam, and were even taunted by the perpetrator over their losses.

Third Defendant Pleads Guilty in Fake ID-for-Bitcoin Case

A fake ID ring operated between June 2013 and February 2018 and may have netted over $4.7 million in bitcoin.

Irish Crypto Exchange Bitsane May Have Disappeared With Users’ Funds

Irish cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane may have done a runner with users' funds, according to a report.

Singapore Exchange Bitrue Hacked for Over $4 Million in Crypto

Bitrue was hacked early Thursday morning for over $4 million in XRP and cardano. Users who experienced losses will be refunded, it says.

Six Arrested Over Cloned Crypto Exchange That Stole €24 Million

Europol and police agencies have busted a cloned exchange operation that stole over $27 million in bitcoin from thousands of victims.

$200,000 in Bitcoin Seized in Dark Net Drug Probe

In total, authorities seized 20 kilograms of MDMA, over seven kilograms of Ketamine, over 10,000 Xanax pills, and more than $100,000 in cash.

There’s a Second Token: A Breakdown of Facebook’s Blockchain Economy

In addition to the Libra coin, Facebook's newly unveiled crypto project also involves a "Libra investment token."

Russian Hackers May Have Carried Out Largest Ever Crypto Exchange Theft

Russian hackers, not North Korean, may be the bad actors behind probably the biggest ever theft from a cryptocurrency exchange.

It’s FATF’s Way or the Highway for Crypto Exchanges. That’s a Big Mistake

The crypto industry can fight money launderers effectively, but not the way FATF wants it to, a CEX.IO compliance officer writes.