Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Is 75% Funded Ahead of Dec. 1 Soft Launch

The smart contract required for triggering Ethereum 2.0 has nearly accrued enough funds to activate the momentous upgrade.

New GnosisDao Bets on ‘Futarchy,’ a Prediction-Market Governance Model

The newly launched GnosisDAO will allow Gnosis users to vote on platform governance and development.

Ethereum’s price reaches a 30-month high at $587

Ethereum bulls are targeting $620 after hitting the highest price level since June 2018…

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NFT Painting of Buterin in Harlequin Garb Sets Record in Weekend Crypto Art Sale

"EthBoy," created by Trevor Jones and Alotta Money sold for 260 ETH, setting records for the highest dollar value of a cryptographic painting to date.

First Mover: Bitcoin ‘Rich List’ Grows as Whales HODL and Price Retakes $18K

Bitcoin's "rich list" hits an all-time high alongside the meteoric price rally.

Ethereum is leaving exchanges and moving to smart contracts

Ethereum held in smart contracts has increased while that in exchanges has gone down…

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Ether Trades Above $500 for the First Time Since July 2018

Ethereum's native token ether has jumped to 28-month highs, taking year-to-date gains to nearly 290%.

DEX Aggregator Rebrands to Slingshot After Raising $3.1M From Coinbase Ventures, Others

Slingshot exists in an increasingly crowded field of DEX aggregators including 1inch, ParaSwap, Matcha and even MetaMask.

NFT Game Axie Infinity Raises $860K in Governance Token Sale

A new game mode will also be launching on the platform in early 2021, where players can own pieces of land and farm governance tokens.

Mintbase Raises $1M Seed Round to Bring NFTs to NEAR Protocol

The new funding allows Mintbase to hire developers and designers to prepare for a testnet launch on NEAR before year's end.