If Crypto Exchanges and ICO Teams Only Had a Brain…

Like a "Wizard of Oz" character, the digital asset industry has all it needs to succeed. Just be transparent, act responsibly, and stand accountable.

Are Big Crypto Token Sales Really Over? At Republic Event, Many Think So

At an event in New York on Thursday, crypto enthusiasts broadly agreed that the ICO, as it was during the hype cycle of 2017, is no more.

EOS Is Launched But Not Yet Live – Why?

EOS still needs millions on tokens staked before its mainnet can officially go live, unlocking its tokens for holders to trade and use.

SEC’s First Crypto ‘No-Action’ Letter Took 11 Months to Secure

The lawyer for TurnKey Jet explains the lengthy process of getting the first-ever assurance from the SEC that its token sale is good to go.

OpenBazaar Raises $5 Million from Bitmain, OMERS Ventures

OB1, the development company behind decentralized online marketplace OpenBazaar, has raised $5 million in a Series A funding round.

Compliant Airdrops: CoinList to Offer Investors Free Crypto Giveaways

The company has worked on token distribution and fundraising so far, but its latest product focuses on giving away tokens to spur user adoption.

An Invitation to CoinDesk’s Super-Secret ICO Pre-Launch Party*

What good is having immutable record-keeping and shared digital trust if you can’t kick it off with a rip-roaring banger? Amirite?

A16z Leads Investors in $20 Million ICO for Tokenized Assets Platform

TrustToken, which aims to put tokenized assets on a blockchain, raised $20 million in a strategic token sale with help from Andreessen Horowitz.

Hong Kong Securities Regulator accuses ICOs of being ‘Downright Fraud’

The Hong Kong Securities Regulator has taken a highly sceptical tone towards Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), referring to them as fundraising efforts of ‘Downright Fraud’, citing a lack of oversight and regulation as being a significant danger. Speaking at an investment industry function, the deputy head of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) […]

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Fed Up and Forking: Rival EOS Blockchains Are Becoming a Reality

EOS' launch has been fraught with controversy. Some users are fed up, and they're forking the protocol to give the network a better shot.