MakerDAO’s Problems Are a Textbook Case of Governance Failure

MakerDAO could have planned for its "Black Swan" event last week.

Thursday’s Market Madness Strained Ethereum’s Killer App: DeFi

So many people were trying to use the Ethereum blockchain during Thursday’s market meltdown that many applications simply stopped working as intended.

MakerDAO Debts Grow as DeFi Leader Moves to Stabilize Protocol

MakerDAO is not pursuing its emergency shutdown option although the amount of uncollateralized dai continues to grow.

DeFi Leader MakerDAO Weighs Emergency Shutdown Following ETH Price Drop

A large drop in the price of ether (ETH) is testing the feasibility of Ethereum's entire system of lending and borrowing.

Pundi X and MakerDAO offer LATAM merchants free XPOS crypto payment device

Pundi X, a blockchain payment solutions provider, and MakerDAO, the creator of Dai, the first decentralized stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain, today announced the launch of the Crypto Merchant program. Qualified merchants will receive a free ...

Mind the Gap: Why ETH Price and DeFi Adoption Aren’t in Sync

Demand for DeFi lending services built on ethereum shows a pattern of inverse relationship to the price of ETH. When ether prices are falling, the amount of ETH locked in DeFi tends to rise. Most recent data indicate the relationship operates the other...

Why DeFi’s Billion-Dollar Milestone Matters

The DeFi market hitting $1 billion in locked crypto is something even the most fervent ethereum skeptics would have a tough time dismissing as meaningless.

Most of MakerDAO’s Asset Value Is in Only a Few Addresses

Though the industry is growing rapidly, a very small portion of addresses hold the majority of assets being locked and borrowed in the DeFi space.

Traders Turn to DeFi to Capitalize on Tuesday’s Crypto Market Spike

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications are popping off Tuesday, and the ETH price spike isn't the whole story.

WisdomTree Mulls New Stablecoin as US Money Manager Drives Toward Crypto

WisdomTree, an asset manager specializing in exchange-traded funds, is vying to become one of the first established U.S. financial firms to offer clients digital assets, including a so-called stablecoin whose value is closely linked to the U.S. dollar.