Stablecoin Wars: Poloniex Extends Fee-Free USDC Trading

As we previously reported, Circle’s Poloniex participation in the stablecoin wars is evident in their decision to not charge fees on use of USDC on their platform. For the month of November, trades in USDC were not charged any fees at all. According to...

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Launches Institutional Trading Services

Poloniex announced it was opening institutional trading accounts as of Tuesday.

Major Exchanges Are Already Distributing New Bitcoin Cash Tokens

After yesterday's split of the bitcoin cash blockchain, several top exchanges have already accommodated the resulting two tokens.

Place Your Bets! Bitfinex Opens Pre-Fork Bitcoin Cash Futures Market

Bitfinex has announced a new financial instrument on its platform in response to the upcoming hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Noting a sizable increase in short bets on BCH – traders apparently believing that the split will have a negat...

Poloniex Requires 2,000 Confirmations for Bytecoin Transactions

If you want to trade Bytecoin on Poloniex, you’re going to have to wait a significant amount of time, CCN has learned. This reporter decided to enter the BCH pre-fork trading at the exchange and wanted to use his Bytecoin holdings as part of that...

Stablecoin Wars: Poloniex Eliminates USDC Trading Fees in Bid to Boost Volume

In case you missed it, Poloniex, one of the major altcoin exchanges, was acquired by Circle in February. Previously, Circle was focused primarily on the major coins versus fiat pairings, but since its acquisition of Poloniex it has had the opportunity ...

Poloniex announces pre-fork trading of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens

CryptoNinjas Starting today, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex began offering customers the option to trade two tokens at the center of the debate about the pending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork: Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin... Poloniex announce...

Bitcoin Cash: Pre-Fork Trading Doesn’t Bode Well for Craig Wright’s Camp

Partisans in the looming Bitcoin Cash civil war now have the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are, and that money is quickly piling up on one side of the debate. Poloniex Opens Pre-Fork BCH Market Earlier today, cryptocurrency exchange...

Early Trading Shows Clear Preference In Divide Over Bitcoin Cash Fork

Poloniex's new "pre-fork" trading service suggests that bitcoin cash users favor the more established version of the software, Bitcoin ABC.

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Announces ‘Pre-Fork’ Trading for Bitcoin Cash Split

Poloniex will be the first exchange to offer trading for the pending bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork amid the debate that has raged since mid-year.