‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Epically Trolls Lightning Shills

"Lightning fast" may eventually be a trademarked term for some crypto payments company or another, but "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver used the phrase to hard-troll fans of the Lightning Network. Guerilla Marketing by Bitcoin's Favorite Jesus Turned Judas Saying "Bitcoin Cash is lightning fast" and posting a video where a transaction is "completed" within 15 […]

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Bitcoin.com to Launch an Exchange

The exchange will list the major cryptocurrencies, simple ledger protocol tokens, and support BCH trading pairs.

Roger Ver Steps Into Executive Chairman Role as Bitcoin.com Adds New CEO

Roger Ver is now Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com as Stefan Rust joins as CEO

Crypto Tycoon Roger Ver Quietly Relinquishes CEO Role at Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin Cash backer and noted cryptocurrency entrepreneur Roger Ver has quietly moved positions within his flagship company, Bitcoin.com. Formerly the CEO of Bitcoin.com – sometimes confused with the CEO of Bitcoin itself by newcomers – Ver is now list...

Bitcoin Cash Clash: Craig Wright Whiffs in Suit Against Ex-Pal Roger Ver

Craig Wright’s legal campaign continues to experience turbulence, with a UK court dealing a devastating blow to the self-declared Bitcoin creator’s quest to use the strong arm of the law to unsully his less-than-stellar-reputation. The self-procl...

Judge Rules for Roger Ver in Craig Wright Libel Lawsuit

Though the suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Judge Sir Nicklin denied Wright's claims of "reputational harm" in the decision.

‘Bitcoin Inventor’ Craig Wright Rips Roger Ver, Vitalik & CZ in Epic Rant

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright torched crypto evangelists Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao as con artists who are projecting their own criminality onto him. Wright says the trio — along with developer Greg Maxwe...

Bitcoin Cash Maximalist Joins ‘Blockchain-Agnostic’ Crypto Wallet Project

Although Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver left the Bitcoin community to help establish Bitcoin Cash, he still considers himself a Bitcoin maximalist. His preferred vision of Bitcoin has larger blocks and smaller fees, all to ensure that the cryptocurrency bec...

Crypto Evangelist Ver Taunts Trump with P2P Bitcoin Cash Trading

Users of local.bitcoin.com may have found a surprise on Twitter today: a Tweet directed at Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin from none other than the site’s owner, Roger Ver. .@realDonaldTrump @stevenmnuchin1https://t.co/iPs5rLuZ3b &#82...

Roger Ver Compares Bitcoin Maximalists to Violent Left Extremists

In a five-minute video blog this week, Roger Ver compared violent leftists to Bitcoin maximalists, concluding that they share tactics and ideology. Is It Okay to Punch a Bitcoin Cash Supporter? A group of “Antifa” or anti-fascist demonstrators recently...