Alleged BTC-e Operator Will Be Extradited to France After Greek Supreme Court Ruling

Greece's supreme administrative court found that a ruling to extradite alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik to France was lawful. Vinnik can no longer appeal the decision.

Kraken Futures to Expand Into Russia After New Hire

Kraken Futures is ramping up its Russian expansion with the hiring of a new representative, ICBIT founder Aleksey Bragin.

Cyber Cold War: U.S. Military Targeting Russian Data as 2020 Presidential Election Beckons

The U.S. military is developing tools for hacking the data of Russian elites, in a bid to prevent interference in the presidential election. The post Cyber Cold War: U.S. Military Targeting Russian Data as 2020 Presidential Election Beckons appeared fi...

A Russian Nuclear Plant Is Renting Space to Energy-Hungry Bitcoin Miners

A state-owned nuclear power plant in Russia may soon fuel a bitcoin mining hub.

Alleged BTC-e Operator Alexander Vinnik to Be Extradited to France: Reports

Alleged BTC-e exchange operator and money launderer Alexander Vinnik is finally being extradited to France, say reports.

2 Russian Nationals Charged With Mining Crypto on State Computers

Two Russian nationals are being prosecuted for allegedly crypto mining on Russian government-owned computer systems, state news agency TASS reported Monday.

Russia’s Power Grid Company Tests Blockhain for Power Meter Data

Russia’s national power grid company Rosseti is testing a system for electricity bill payments based on a distributed ledger by Waves.

Huobi Russia Announces Ruble Gateway and Initial Exchange Offering Service

Huobi Russia now accepts ruble deposits and will soon have its own exchange token launchpad.

Russian Central Bank Says It Would Support Crypto Ban

The Bank of Russia has backed a potential ban on cryptocurrency payments, according to a state news agency.

Waves and the Tricky Task of Being a Russian Crypto Brand

What if your biggest client is your biggest reputation risk?