Bitcoin Price Retakes Key Moving Average for First Time in Two Months

BTC found acceptance above the 50-day moving average support on Monday, however, a bull reversal is still not confirmed.

Charts: SEC Data Shows Token Filing Figures Just Keep Rising

Since SAFT came into to use last year, the number of companies reporting to the SEC to work in this framework has increased, CoinDesk finds.

ZeppelinOS Software Launch Promises Easier Fix for Ethereum Contracts

ZeppelinOS wants to incentivize developers to create smart contract libraries which they can then improve, stamping out bugs and standardizing code.

Felines to Futbol: NFTs Are Crypto’s Hottest New Buzzword

The crypto industry is buzzing about NFTs, non-fungible tokens, because it's clear CryptoKitties and its clones just might make the tech mainstream.

Ethereum Classic Tops $2 Billion to Set New 2018 Price High

The price of ether classic, the cryptocurrency that powers ethereum classic, is on the rise at press time amid news of major exchange listings.

Bitcoin Price Hits Two-Month High as Dominance Rate Spikes

Bitcoin's rally to two-month highs has more substance than initially thought, the BTC dominance rate indicates.

Stablecoin to HODL? Pizza CEO Nets Millions for Crypto

"Stablecoins" continue to be a much sought-after tech for ICOs, and a new one, Fragments, now boasts investment from True, Pantera and FBG.

Coinbase Survey Shows 18% of US Students Now Own Cryptocurrency

Students who want to change the world are attracted to blockchain education, a professor says.

$6,700: Bitcoin Price Charts Bullish Reversal as Altcoins Surge

BTC has bounced back into bullish territory over $6,700 amid increased investor interest in altcoins.

A Daily Show Comedian Showed Up to Roast an Ethereum Conference

"No one knows what the !@#$ is going on."